3 Questions


1.)    “We must learn to respect the code of behaviour of the world we now inhabit…You can return to the code of the ksatriyas when we go back to Ayodhya!” (Sattar, p234-235) Compare Rama’s code of behaviour in the Dandaka forest and within Ayodhya. What is this difference in code of behaviour that Sita speaks of?

2.)    When Sita, Rama and Laksmana first enter the Dadanka forest, Sita fears that Rama will “[inflict] violence and cruelty upon other beings without reason or enmity…” In light of this statement, explain whether Rama was effective in justifying his killing of Vali.

3.)    During Sita’s capture, there is an overt emphasis on her aesthetic traits. What is the desired effect of this focus on Sita’s beauty?

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  1. Hannah James

    Andrew AKA 'Courageous Manly Man':

    In regards to your 3rd question:

    There is an overt emphasis on aesthetic traits throughout the Ramayana, not only Sita's, but also Rama's, Ayodhya's, etc. Maybe it would be better to examine a character's physical description in comparison to the character's actions. (E.g. do "ugly" people commit "ugly" actions)... This could be narrowed down, but if you examine Sita specifically, it may be hard to come to a concrete conclusion. Examining Rama may be better.

  2. Andrew Hui

    Hi Andrew!

    some crisply formulated questions - your first one is a good one but it's a question that leads more to a descriptive answer rather than a interpretative one - why don't you start out with stating some of the differences and then pose a question why they might be different and why Sita might give this piece of advice for Rama?

    Your second one really is not a *question,* more of a prompt. Try to make this into an interrogative mode. Perhaps Rama *had* a reason - and a very good one - to kill Vali?

    I have a hard time understanding the third question - what are you trying to get at?

    on the whole, this is a good beginning with some promising leads - keep on reading and thinking!

    Andrew Hui

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