Essay questions for week three


1)How does the dialogue between Sita and Rama (pg 233-236)   tell us about her and Rama's character, concerns and priorities?


2) How does the moral claims made my Rama juxtapose with both the Narrator's and Valin's description of Rama?


3) How does Rama react to Vibhisana's treatment of the crowd? And how does it differ from Rama's reaction upon seeing Sita?



19 thoughts on “Essay questions for week three

  1. Hannah James

    Hey Cephas!

    On your 1st question:

    I think you should narrow it down a little, maybe in the context of the forest and how it brings out the most "animalistic" characteristics in humans. Sita is obviously worried that the mere fact Rama is in the woods and he could act "uncivilized" and perhaps irrational...

  2. Andrew Hui

    Hi Cephas,

    Hannah has a good suggestion to narrow down your question. Right now they lead to plot summaries and descriptions rather than interpretative analysis.

    these are good beginnings here! - you have identified some central passages but right now they are too vague and not focused enough to provide the starting points of an inquiry for a 1000-word essay. I would encourage you to read over the text and pick one episode which surprised, troubled, or provoked you - try to put your thoughts into an analytic form of a question that can be explored in a short paper.

    The main goal in this assignment is to ask an interpretative question that is a problem, rather than identify a theme or give a summary of the text (we assume you know what the main themes and the plot is already!)

    Hope this helps!
    Andrew Hui

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